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Justin Imperiale 07-08-2010 04:50 PM

Justin Imperiale feat. Diviniti "Love Can Heal The World"

W/ Remixes by Pirahnahead, Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart!

Justin Imperiale and songstress Diviniti team up for the exquisite "Love Can Heal The World", an enchanting laidback production impressing with deeply felt vocals by Diviniti and gorgeous keys perfectly arranged over a smooth percussion enriched backdrop. Pirahnahead's pumped-up remix gives the track a more organic feel, while Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart inject their beloved mellow jazzy sounds - the result is simply delicious. ~Mike Fossati (Spirit Of House)

Justin Imperiale presents “Love Can Heal The World”, a wonderful song featuring vocals by Queen Diviniti over a smooth percussive groove masterly complemented with celestial keys, guitar and a huge bassline. Remixes are courtesy of Pirahnahead (with a more dancefloor friendly mix) and Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart (with their trademark jazzy sound including a lovely organ solo). ~Cakes Factory (Deeper Soul Blog)

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