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Firewall 01-10-2006 05:14 PM

Roland Clark
Wassup everyone... new to forum .. looking forward to interesting conversations about house music.. Roland Clark

soul oasis 01-10-2006 10:49 PM

Welcome to the family my friend.Love the joints you putting out.We try real hard to please those that love and want to continue to keep our musical culture alive!!! BTW that "Keep on Dancin" track is HOT!

nico moss 01-11-2006 08:26 AM

Welcome to the board !!!

Firewall 01-11-2006 02:35 PM

roland clark
thanx for the love

techy 01-11-2006 04:46 PM

Welcome! :D

nico moss 01-11-2006 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by Firewall
thanx for the love

It just "Simple Things" :)

Amazing track amazing vocals

Firewall 01-13-2006 01:03 AM

Simple Things
First real soulful record since flowersz in my book .. been busy writing on other tracks.. mostly defected hopefully you guys will support me as you always have done.. this one .. coming out soon on shelter records... been thinking about retiring from house.. but you guys keep me going thanks

elena 01-13-2006 06:15 AM

thank u
Its been a long time since some lyrics talked DEEP to my heart..
"simple things" did that.... its so pure and real...
So please continue offer us so many good works of u...
because house music need that.


Firewall 01-13-2006 07:23 PM

@elena/// roland clark
thanks ma..

ingela 01-14-2006 11:17 AM

Hiya, welcome to the board. We love ya,


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