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soul oasis 01-21-2006 11:38 AM

Cyberjamz playlist for House of Soul/SammyRock & Dj Houscat (Direct Link to Show) (Links to ALL Archived Shows)

Playlist for Soul Oasis Show w/guest Dj Marv.1/20/06 **NO PLAYLIST FOR DJ MARV which is the first hour and 20min.

Soul Oasis Playlist:
1)Ministry of Love(Romanthony)/Azuli Rec
2)String 1(Timmy Richardson)/cdr
3)God Help those.that help themselfs(Jasper St Company/Junior Vazquez Rmx)/Basment Boys
4)Sun(Dazzle Drums)/King St.**Out Now**
5)Bounce(Janet Jackson/Ahmed Davis Rmx)/Unreleased cdr
6)One True Love(Studio Apt feat.Stephaine Cooke)/King St.Release Date: January 23, 2006
7)Machata Beats(Soul Oasis)/cdr
Find a way/accapella(Next Level)/Cutting Rec.
8)Love n Happiness(Paul Simpson Rmx)/Cutting Traxx
9)Stuck(Peven E./Rasmir Edit)/test cdr
10)Miss my love(Angie Stone/Scott Wozniak) Restricted Access
11)Dance with me(Rosie Gains)/cdr
12)Street Life(Crusaders Stafs Bootleg Mix)/cdr
13)Bottom of my Heart(Stevie Wonder/Summerheads Mix)/cdr
14)Somthing about you(Level 42/Soul oasis Mix)/cdr
15)Sexy Disco(Bjourn Toesky)

Closing Track
Caravan of Love(Isley,Jasper,Isley)/Columbia Rec.

Thank you for tuning in.................

soul oasis 01-29-2006 11:34 AM (Direct Link to Show) (Link to ALL Cyberjamz Archived Shows) (About SammyRock aka Soul Oasis)***Player and mix now avail in the right hand bottom corner along with bios,emails and infomation***

Playlist for Martin Red(England)
DJ Yoav B – language of an open heart (cat walking on a piano mix)

Rae & Christian, Bobby Womack– get a life

UMC’s – never never land

Legacy of sound – legacy of sound

Human League – Seconds

Blackalicous – Ravers suck our sound (Mystic Mix)

Mojo project – in my life (John Arnold dub)

David Chong - You got all my love

Viktor Duplaix – Manhood (Accapella)

Doc. L. Junior – Soul fusion

Mister Phuture

Thelma Houston – all of that

BnC – house ain’t giving up

“Total Madness” - Lawanda big bottom

D*Note - The Garden of earthly delights

Sunburst band – Garden of love

The artificial arm – messing with my mind

Jody Watley – the essence

DJ Kent – 4:21

David Valentin – pied piper

Soul Oasis Playlist for Jan 27th Mix starts at 1hr 25 min.

1)Can u feel it(Undergroundvibe)/Unreleased cdr
3)Loopin Beats(Soul Oasis)
Truth/accapella(John Alvarado+Brad Raker pres:Raker Project)/SFP Rec
Push me up/accapella(Romatt feat.Gail Powers)/Yellow Records
4)Who am I???(Rasmir)/Test Cdr
5)Swinging Places(Julian Jabre/Jerome Sydenham RMX)/cdr
7)America(M.T.H.A)/DNH Records
I get deep/accapella(Roland Clark)/Shelter Rec
8)Brother Son(Ronnie Ron Edit)/unreleased cdr..---Hot Edit RR..
9)Talkin all that Jazz(Jask Rmx)/unreleased cdr
10)Streetlife(Crusaders/Stafs Bootleg Rmx)/Test cdr
Konk Party/accapella
11)The Organ Track/House Mix(Brian Tappart)/Soulfuric Traxx Promo Cdr
12)Fun(Da Mob feat.J.Brown)/Subliminal Records
13)Mary Dont you Weep(Craig Loftis)/NBC----HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14)Finally(Ce Ce Penisten/Soul Oasis Mash up)
16)Do it till ya satisfied(B.T Express)
17)Dancing all night long(Peoples Choice)

Closing Track

18)Moments in Love(Art of Noise)

Thank you for the love n support and my guest Martin Red!!

soul oasis 01-29-2006 08:10 PM (New Djs Section w/Bios) (Direct Link to Show) (Link to ALL archived Shows)

Playlist for Soul Oasis Show(Super Sub) 1/29/06

1)Real Love(Doobie Brothers)
3)Let me take you there(Truce)/Perfect Pair Records
4)Ts Theme(Pound Boys)/Bumpin City Records
5)Give Me(I-Level)/Virgin Records
6)Street Life(Jamie Lewis feat.Chance)/Purple Music
7)Reach(Uschi)/Paper Recordings
8)Lovely(Soulstice)/Om Records
9)Home is where the dub is(Blaze)/Shelter Records
10)Plain Folks(Tuba feat.Alex P.Sutter)/Hip Bone Records
11)Come on/Dance(Impulse)
12)When there is love(Techique/Derrick Carter)/Downtown 161
13)Jehalz(Kerri Chandler+J.Sydenham)Ibadan
14)Lucky Strike(Funk D'Void)/White
Im in Love/accapella(Y.Brown)/Subarban Records
15)Baby C'mon(Aqua Bassino)/F.Commuication Records
16)Finally(KOT feat.Julie McKnight)
17)Reflextions of Love(Jask)/Large Records
18)Heard it all before(Sunshine Anderson/RMX)/White
19)Mellow Mondae(Jovonn)/Dance Tracks Records
20)Be my Heaven(Elevation)Bassline Records
21)Mary dont you weep(Craig Loftis)/NBC

Thank you for the love n support..

soul oasis 02-03-2006 08:23 PM

Playlist for Soul Oasis Show 2/03/06 (Direct Link to show) (Links to ALL archived Shows) (Link to bio+info)

Opening Track
Jacaranda(Incognito)/Giant Step LP Incognito Eleven
1)Slavery(Scott Wozinak+PhilSonik)/cdr
2)Obatala(Joe Clausell)/Southport Weekender Compilation
Dominatrix/chants accapella(Streetwise)
Weekend/accapella(First Class)/Sleeping Bag Records
3)The Kings EP/West End Records
4)Jazz Jam(Keith Porter)/unreleased cdr
walking on sunshine/accapella(Rockers Revenge)/West End
5)Change the World(Dennis F)/King St Release Date: February 20, 2006 **Avail as a promo at
6)The payback(Camacho feat.Kelton)/cdr
walking on sunshine/accapella(Rockers Revenge)/West End
7)I cant mess around(Rasmir Raw Mix)/unreleased cdr

8)Just a Dream(K.Lovelace)/Home Recordings
9)Nu Elevation(Keith Porter)/unreleased cdr **HOT**
10)Sunshine Party Time/Rap(Rockers Revenge)/West End
11)Say it(FM Groove feat.Dee Holiday)/cdr
12)Free your Mind(Kristian Baradi)/Phuture Sole Records
Second Set
13)Philadephia(Ronnie Ron Edit)/Test cdr
Put your hands up/accapella(Soulfuric Records)
Reginas Sax Experiance/accapella(Matt Caseli)/Soulfuric Deep
14)We are one(UBP feat Bobby Pruitt)/Soulfuric Records
15)Love is Life(Romain)/Nu Phaze
16)Fat Freedys Drop(Flashback/Jazznova Rmx)/Giant Step
17)In the City(Dj Romain)/Nu Phaze
18)Freedom(Mr Ali)/Unified Records
19)One True Love(Studio Apt feat.Stephanie Cooke)/King St **Out Now**
20)The Reason(Timmy Richardson)/Demo cdr
21)Fly Away(Jasper St.Company/Frankie Knuckles Rmx)/Basment Boys Records
22)Follow me(Aly-us/Full Intention Rmx)/Stricktly Rhythem
23)Swimming Places(Julian Jabre/Jerome Syndaham Rmx)Defected *out as a promo @
24)Every Bomb you Make(The Police/David Moore Rmx) Limited Editon Punk House Records
25)Life aint what it seems(Sara Devine/Q.H Rmx)/cdr
26)Dis Poem(Bobby Konders)Rmx cdr
27)Rej/Original Mix(AME)/cdr
28)Sexy One(Peven Everett/Karizma Rmx)/cdr
29)Change the World(Dennis F/JMJ Edit)/cdr HOT!!!!!!!!!!
30)Fela Brazil(Raw Artistic Soul/LLV Mix)/cdr
31)I cant mess around(Rasmir Final Rmx) Hot!!!
32)The Organ Track/The Other House Mix(Brian Tappart)/Soulfuric **get the promo@
33)Thats where where the happy people go(The Tramps)/Atco/Atlantic Records
Closing Track
34)Walking in the Rain(with the one I love)/(Love Unlimited Orchestra)
Thank you so much for the love and support of Cyberjamz Internet Radio.

soul oasis 02-10-2006 10:36 PM

Playlist for Soul Oasis Show w/guest T.C 13 Feb 10,2006 (Direct Link to show) (Links to ALL the Cj Shows) (Bio+Info)

Soul Oasis Playlisting:
Opening Tracks
Lady Bug(Wayne Henderson)/ABC Records
Im staying forever(Wayne Henderson)/ABC Records

1)Never Too Much(L.Vandross/Suz Rmx/Sweden/unreleased cdr
2)Doctor Pressure(Milo)/Giant Step Record
3)Thank you Babe(Dj Romain Rmx)/Promo cdr
4)A Breadth of Fresh Air(Nicky P+FTL)/cdr
5)Spirit(B-Soul Mix/Luis Radio feat.S.Johnston)
6)Simple Things(Roland Clark, Calvin Gaines, BIll Lee and great new guitarist Nat is responsible for that particular piece)/cdr
7)Beautiful(Fuzion feat.Nicole Wright)/Fuzion
8)Last Dance(Nicky P/FTL)/cdr
9)You will know(Stevie Wonder/Karizma Mix)/cdr
10)The Pimp(Martino/Karizma Rmx)/cdr
Ancestor/Jibaro-accapella(Soul Oasis)/Deeplay Records **avail @**

**Encoder was fuckin up@this time for a moment**
11)Find the Groove(Man Freedy feat.Kevin Williams)/Quark
12)First Love(Goapele/JKRIV+The Moves Mix)/cdr
13)I cant mess around(Rasmir)/unreleased cdr
14)Saturday(LA Styles+Jocelyn Brown)/cdr
15)Rej(Ame/Tarzan Mix)
16)Madrugada(Seu Olhar/MahJong Extended Vocal Mix)/Test cdr
17)El Rio de los Suenos(Ananda Project)/King St/Nitegrooves
18)Rhodes and Apples(Romain Mix)/test cdr
19)Change the World(Dennis F/JMJ Edit)/Test Cdr..HOT!
20)Didnt mean to turn you on(Chuck Love feat.Colette)/cdr
21)Maringa(Joe Clausell)/cdr--HOT!

Tee Cee 13 Classic Mix
1)Super strut(Deodato)CTI Rec
2)Dreamin a Dream(Crown Heights Affair)/Dee-lite
3)White Horse(Laid Back)
4)New Bell(Manu Dibango)
5)For your love(Idris Muhammad)
6)Come on Down(David Williams/Boggie People)
7)Every way but Loose(Larry Levan Mix/The Oneness of JuJu)
8)Space Bass(Slick)
9)Couldnt beleive what happen last night(Rare Earth)
10)Money no Love(Bo Kool)
11)Going back to my roots(Lamont Dozier)

Closing Tracks for Soul Oasis
22)Deep Impact(Dj Plomo)/cdr
23)Im really hot(Missy Elliot/Mr.Cubanix Spicy Rmx)/unreleased cdr

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soul oasis 02-19-2006 03:15 PM (Main Link to Show) (Links to ALL archived Shows) (About SammyRock aka Soul Oasis)

Playlist for Soul Oasis Show 2/17/06

Opening Track
Detour Ahead(Milt Jackson w/Hubert Lewis)/CTI Records

1)Shades(Patrick Green feat.Will Barnes)/unreleased cdr
2)Unconditionaly(Soul Creation)/Promo cdr
3)Hindsight/Wookie Rmx(Beady Belle)/cdr
4)Inner View(Dazzle Drums)/King St.
Give us Hope/accapella(The SNL Project)/Ovum Rec.
5)Saturday(L.A Styles feat.J.Brown)/cdr
6)Baby gets high(Peter Brown)/RCA Records
7)Set let the wind come(Kerri Chandler/Rmxs)/King St.
8)Reidemen(Camacho feat.Rickey Nelson)/Promo Wakeup Records ???
9)You cant hide it(Robert Owens)/cdr
10)Pass the dutch(Missy Ellitot,Rasmus Faber Rmx)/Cdr
11)Loving Arms(Billie Ray Martin/Dereck Coan Rmx)/Piratebrain Records
13)So Brite(Romain)/Unreleased Test Cdr send your comments to thanks.
14)Givin up my soul(Menage)/SI Records
15)Tears(Frankie Knuckles/Full Intention Rmx)/Essential Recordss
16)Pieace of Heaven(Romain)/Unreleased Test Cdr send your comments to
17)Funky ass Beat(Chuck Love)/cdr
18)Movin on up/Dub(M-People)/Epic Records
19)Piro Wango(???)/cdr
20)The Organ Track/The Other Mix(Brian Tappart)/Soulfuric Deep/cdr
21)Funky(Mystiq)/Flatline Records
22)Funky People(Cassio/Rmx)
23)Im really Hot(Mr.Cubanix Spicy Mix)
24)Remember the Music(Original Mix/Soul Oasis)/unreleased
25)Runaway(Nuyorican Soul/Mousse T Rmx)
26)Can this be Real(Beezwax feat.Tyrah)/Flatline Records
27)Renegade Master(Wild Child)/Ultra Records
28)Groovin(Eddie Nicholas+Anderson Soaraces)/West End
29)I love Music(O'Jays/Edit)/cdr

Second Set(Salsa Special Dedicated to the Maestro Ray Barretto R.I.P)
30)Im goin love you(Tito Nieves)Salsa version of Barry White Track)/HOT!
31)Brujetia(El Gran Combo/Reggeaton Rmx)--HOT!
32)Quimbara(Johnny Pacheco feat.Celia Cruz) R.I.P Celia!! AZUCAR!!!
33)Quitate La Mascara(Ray Barretto) R.I.P
34)Suelte(Willie Colon feat.Hector Lavoe)
35)Puerto Rico(Eddie Palmeri)**My Land** Love it!

Closing Track
36)Winds of Change(The Scorpians)

Thanks for the love and support.

soul oasis 02-26-2006 05:50 PM

Playlist for Soul Oasis Show w/guest Dave King Feb24 (Main link to Show) (Link to ALL Cj Shows+Broadcasters)

**Playlist for guest Dj Dave King**
DJ Rush-processer(trax records)
Kai Alce-Strings of Dela(jovann vibe instiments)
NLC-work together(nlc recordings)
Frankc rogers-juare
Gu:fly with me(guidence recordings)
L-heard(old school sampler DJ duke precents)
Greenskeepers-man in da house
groove with you(white lable remix)
running(R&S recordings)
Machine- is it love
Mark farina- Cali Spaces
Gene hunt-fredd's dead(dust trax)
Dj copy-MBO theme
Midnight interlude-Mr Ali feat. Claudia

Soul Oasis Playlist @ 1:05
Closer two u(Filsonik Rmx)/Test Cdr
No way Back(Jihad Muhammad)/Iwani Music
Work it out/accapella(Ministers of Sound/Testament)/Afterhours Records
Open Seasame/Loop Beats(Kool+The Gang)
Runnin(Mystiq/Spen Mix)/Flatline Records
Should've been you(Gwen Guthrie)/Island Rec
Somethings Happening(Richie Robinson)Jazz Worxx Ep/Blue City Records Test
While we were young(???)/cdr
Llori(Filsonik)/Spacekat cdr-----HOT!
Life(Camacho feat.Lorenzo Tyler)/cdr
You are the one(Grant Nelson)
Lets be young(Timmy Richardson Mix)/Test Cdr
I need a Man(Rasmir)/Test cdr
Changes(Eddy meets Yannah Adria Rmx)/cdr
Ital Foods(Ron Trent Hi-Fi Mix)/cdr
Five Fathoms/accapella(EBTG)/Atlantic
Your Love(Insatiable/Mone'/Roy Davis Rmx)/Big Big Traxx Vol.1
Fade(Kimblee)/Wave Music
After the Storm(Robin Rush)/Elan Records
You dont know/Warehouse Mix(Alex P.Sutter)/Hip Bone Records
Whacha gonna do for me/accapella(Linda Clifford)/Cold Records
Dancer/Get it up(Marc Pharoah vs.Alton Miller vs.Greg Cash)/Soul City Records

Closing Track

Love Zone(Billie Ocean)

Thank you Dj Dave King and all the wonderful people of the undergound house community!!!

soul oasis 03-06-2006 07:44 PM (Link to Show) (Link for ALL other Cyberjamz Shows)

Playlist for SammyRock w/guest Dj Jalal March 3rd.

Playlist for Dj Jalal first 1:26
a) Moselu Sekele- Moffou
b) The Showcase- Jalal Johnson/ Drew Lockhart
c) Hot as Fire (unreleased)- Mr.Synth 7
d) Burnin- ?
e) Burnin (rmx)- ?
f) Without You- Roland Clark
g) For Real- Amiel Laroux
h) Still A Dancer (inst)- unknown
i) Goria's Muse-Blaze
j) You Are- Dawn Tallman
k) Make it Right- Franck Roger
l) Tides (rmx)- Quentin Harris feat: Beanfield
m)J'Attends (rmx) Ron Trent

Soul Oasis aka SammyRock Playlist Starts@ 1:26

1)Join the Disco Ride(Direct Disco)/cdr
2)First Love(Goapele/JKRIV+The Moves Rmx)
3)Jazz Jam(Keith Porter)/unreleased cdr
Sunshine/accapella(Dennis F feat.Jennifer Renee Morrison)/Madhouse Rec
4)Time(Richard Salter feat.Noel Mckoy)/Device Records Test---Coming Soon to
5)So Brite(Romain)/test cdr
6)Get on Down(Da Funk)/Test Cdr
Wonderful People/accapella(Dennis F feat.Anthony Flanagan)/Shelter Rec
7)All night Long(Lional Richie)/White
8)Dirty Funk(Barbara Tucker)/Promo Cdr---Coming Soon
9)Skyy(Tommi White feat.Aaron Carl)/CDR
10)Atal(Hanna Hais)/cdr
11)The Right Way(Jon Milsom feat.Vickey Fee)/Loven Records Test
12)Somebody say Yeah(Voices of Faith/Angel Moraes Rmx)/Big Big Traxx Vol.#1
13)Rhythem and Melody(Richie Robinson)Jazz Works EP Blue City Records **Release date in April**
14)Come Together(Marquess Wyatt feat.Gina Rene)/Giant Step Best of Om Records
15)Midnight Expresso(Boriqua Bandits feat Guida de Palma/Jask Latin Cafe Mix)/Catch 22
16)I Feel Love(Donna Summer)/Casablanca Original 12' Mix
17)Low Down(D+D Re-work Mix)/Cdr
18)Lulu is Bilingual for me(Jose Nunez/Monster Mash Rmx)/cdr
19)Viral Load(Rasmir)/Test Cdr

Closing Track
20)Periodico de ayer(Hector Lavoe)/Fania Records.

Thanks to Dj Jalal and everyone that tuned into the show.Unconditional love from Cyberjamz and ALL the broadcasters.

CyberJamz Pres: On XM Radio show will air Wednesdays 8:00 pm et with encores the following Saturday 5:00 pm et & Wednesday 6:00 am et.

March 8th Soul Oasis Show
March 15th Scott Wonziak+Philsonik

soul oasis 03-11-2006 02:16 PM

Playlist for Soul Oasis Show 3/10/06 (Direct Link to Show) (Link to ALL Archived Cyberjamz Shows)

Opening Track
War Dance(Kebekelektrick)/Salsoul

1)Heaven(Kem-Scott Wozniak Mix)
2)Dub Alone(Soul System)/Test Cdr
3)For your love(Casamena)/cdr
Who done it/accapella)/White
4)Happy(Roland Clark)
5)Ebs of Asia/Children of Asia Mix(Light 4 Lines)
Spirit of House/accapella(Bongoloverz feat.An-tonic)/Soulfuric Trax WMC Sampler
6)Runaway Love Pt.2/D Ambrosio Classic Mix(Bobby D'Ambrosio feat.Lasala)cdr/Soulfuric Records/WMC Sampler(Part 1&2)
7)Spirit of House/Drum Tool Mix)/Soulfuric Trax WMC Sampler
8)Jazz,Jazz,Jazz(Pound Boys feat.Earl Bennett)/Bassline Records
All Gods Children Got Rhythem/Spoken-a-pella(Christian Hronbostel feat.Keith Thompson)/Soulfruic Deep WMC Sampler
9)The right way(Jon Milsom feat.Vicky Vee/Anto Vitale Mix)/Test Loven Records*Release date:soon
11)Make it happen(Connie Harvey)/Bassline Records
12)Toms Diner(Suzanne Vega/Soul Oasis Rmx)/cdr
13)Du'bai(Filsonik/Soul Oasis X-Tended Mix)/Spacekat
14)Fly Into the Future(Soul Oasis)/cdr
15)Dont keep me waiting(Tia Monae)/First Take Records
Life is something Special/Accapella(NYC Peach Boys)/Island Recs.
16)Sun(Dazzle Drums)/King Street.
17)Open Seasame(Kool n the Gang/JMJ Edit)/cdr Delite Rec
18)W.A.Y.F(The Police/Mr.Cubanix Rmx)/Test Cdr
19)Spirit of House/Piano Mix(Bongoloverz feat.An-Tonic)/Soulfuric Trax WMC Sampler
20)Something Right(Chuck Love)/cdr
21)Whatever,Whatever(Jill Scott/Scott Wozniak Mix)/cdr
22)All gods children/Swing Street Mix(Christan Hornbostel feat.Keith Thompson)/Soulfuric Deep WMC Sampler
23)Higher Love(M-Sol)/unreleased cdr
24)Piece of heaven(Romain Mix)/unreleased cdr
25)Faith,Friendship(Lars Behrenroth Rmx)/Paradox Rec.
25)Clouds(Soul Oasis Beat Mix)
26)Lover turn me on(Kasif)/Arista Records
27)Can this be real/Salsa House Vocal Mix(Beezwax feat.Tyrah)/Flatline Records.
28)Que Viva La Musica(Ray Barretto+Tito Puente Live) From the Tommorrow LP/Atlantic Records
29)Suavemente(Elvis Crespo)/Sony Records
30)Take me Higher/Drum n Bass Mix(Fertile Ground)
31)Gravity(Wil Milton)/King Street.
32)Deep Philly(Aakmael)

Closing Track
33)Moodys Mood(George Benson)/Warner Bros.

Thank you for the love n support!

soul oasis 03-19-2006 11:30 PM (Link for Show) (Links for ALL Archived Shows)

Playlist for Soul Oasis Show 3/17/06

Opening Track
Lilson(Fouls Beats)

1)Deep Vibes(Dj Solo)/unreleased cdr
Spirit of House/spokenpella(Bongoloverz feat.Antonic)Soulfuric Deep WMC Sampler
2)Spirit(Jersey Kats feat.Libby Jones) avail @
3)Mysa/original mix(Rhythm Slaves)/Slagg Traxx Promo.----HOT!
4)Love your life(Genetix)/Eargasmic Recordings
5)Say you love me(Franck Rodger)/Seasons Records unreleased Mix
6)Free me from my Freedom(Wendy Lewis&The Hi-Phazers)/Slagg Records Test
7)Runaway Love/Osio Rmx(Bobby D'Ambrosio feat.Lasala)/Soufruic Records WMC Sampler
8)Touch the Groove/Galaxy Drum Mix(Lenny Fontana)/Mix the Vibe:Doc Martin (part II)/King Street
9)Its not over/Dub Mix Pt.1(L.Holloway)/Afterhours Records
10)Get Down-Get Horney(Sleazy Cheeks EP)/Basment Jaxx Records
11)Love Plucking(Rasmir feat.Vanita)/Test Cdr
12)Gravity(Mil Wilton)/King Street Records
14)I need a Man(Rasmir)/Test Cdr
15)Madrugada(Seu Olher)/Test Cdr
16)In the Morning(Camacho feat.Cassio Ware)/Test Cdr
17)Vibrations(David Maques feat.Natasha)/cdr
18)Il take you there(Romain feat.Emory)/Test Cdr-Hot!!!
19)Mysa/SH Mix(Rhythm Slaves)/Slagg Traxx Promo.----HOT!
All Gods Children Got Rhythm/spoken-a-pella(Chirstian Hornbostel feat.Keith Thomspon/Soulfuric Deep WMC Sampler---coming soon to
20)To Do(???)
21)I am Sombody/Soul Oasis Effexx Mix(Glenn Jones)/RCA Records
23)Come to me/Ricanstruction Broken Down Mix(Myra)/Abstract Latin Journey : Julius Papp/King Street Records.
22)Love x Love(George Benson)/Warner Bros.
The Deep Dance/accapella(Soul Oasis feat.Princess Tam Tam)/unreleased cdr
23)Ponte el Sombreo/Put on your hat(Miami Band/Soul Oasis Housearengue Edit)
24)Belo Horizonti/Rumble Dub Mix(The Heartists)/Atlantic Jaxx Recordings
25)Back to Zanzibar(LY/Doc Martin RMX)/Mix the Vibe: Doc Martin (part II)/King Street Records
26)Downtown(Kerri Chandler)/Downtown 161 Records
27)Breadthe(Lenny Kravitz/Jazznova Mix)
28)African Queens(The Richie Family)/Merlin Records

Closing Track
29)I will right here for you(Bryan Adams)

Thank you so much for the love and support of CJ RADIO....

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