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RASMIR MANTREE 04-02-2008 10:04 AM

Rasmir "Shadows EP" (Mantree Records)
Rasmir "Shadows EP" (Mantree Records) :o<O:p</O:p
Our man Rasmir presenting more of his elusive grooves on the "Shadows EP". Our favorite is "N-her-space", a laidback track full of sweet percussion and warm melodic chords that are accompanied by a lovely jazzy piano, all nicely arranged over a smooth yet fierce groove. "Another day n my life" features catchy vocals over a deeply rumblin' backing groove that is raw and gritty, while "If a tree" is built around heavily thumpin' beats, with the rough electronic elements and phat vocals (including some sweet ones from a child) creating a hypnotic vibe. Lastly there is "Shadows" which combines spacey jazzy elements with resistless percussion fuelled tribal groove.<O:p</O:p
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To listen & buy click on link:
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