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morehouserecords 04-22-2008 04:34 PM

Hear the New House Jointz on MoHo Stereo!
“Your MoHo Stereo resident host DJs Evan Landes & Parrish Wintersmith take command on both the airwaves & in cyberspace. Take a ride with the fellas as they drop up-front bombs from last month’s Winter Music Conference (listen up for the ‘MoHo Stereo Sure Shots’ everybody!). It’s time to feed your mind, body and soul with your monthly fix of aural pleasure. Enjoy the ride!"

Radio One April 21 00:00 GMT
Dance Box April 19th 20:05 EEST
Party Groove April 26th 23:00 CEST
DFR FM April 27th 20:00 in Paris
Soul Stream April 30th 19:00 EST


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